Nanogirl Labs & The MacDiarmid Institute are pleased to provide these free resources for primary and intermediate teachers, supporting the delivery of science in the classroom.  These worksheets were developed as part of the MacDiarmid Institute’s ‘Korero With Scientists’ programme, and are distributed through Nanogirl Labs’ school visit programme, run alongside the “Nanogirl Live!” theatrical touring programme.

Chemical Reactions
Chemical Reactions worksheet
Chemical Reactions consumables list (what you’ll need)

Polymer Chemistry
Polymer Chemistry worksheet
Polymer Chemistry consumables list (what you’ll need)

Light & the Colour Spectrum
Light and the Colour Spectrum worksheet
Light and the Colour Spectrum consumables list (what you’ll need)

Introduction to Acids and Bases
Introduction to Acids and Bases worksheet
Introduction to Acids and Bases consumables list (what you’ll need)

Electricity and Magnetism
Electricity and Magnetism worksheet
Electricity and Magnetism consumables list (what you’ll need)

DNA Extraction
DNA Extraction worksheet
DNA Extraction consumables list (what you’ll need)

With thanks to our Science Partner, The MacDiarmid Institute.




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